Enhance Your Skills, Empower Your Career

AdhiPragya which means higher learning is a pragmatic 360-degree skill development programme conducted by a pool of experts from the industries. The content and program structure of Adhipragya has been meticulously designed by our team to tailor to the specific needs of the professionals in areas of power conversion, embedded products & mechanical engineering.


Certification in basics of power electronics



  • Train the new hires in a company for giving them a leap frog jump in their design skills & experience.

  • Train the R&D engineers in adjacent domains to improve efficiency & team bandwidth. (for example, train electrical designer in firmware aspects).

  • Bridge the gap between Industry & Academia.

The AdhiPragya is focused on 3 key Engineering Domains

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Embedded & Communication Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

How do we do it?

The course content are designed for pragmatic approach of training.

Training is hands-on and based on real time case studies.

Well Known practising engineers & consultants from Industry would conduct an interactive training.

A comprehensive course work covering all the aspects of end-to-end product development is covered under the programme.

A close interactions of trainers and students