About Us

Enstin Labs (EL) is a global engineering services organization, focused on end to end product development, design services, innovation, research, technical training and talent development. EL achieves this by embracing the values of QCDR (Quality, Cost, Delivery & Response)


Deliver the best in class design service for Power Conversion and embedded Products keeping customer at the center and caring most about Quality, Cost , Delivery & Response (QCDR).


To become a Global Leader in Power Conversion and Embedded Systems through innovative solutions to our customers.


Thiagarajan Venkatachalam (Raj)

ME IISC Bangalore

Hands-on experience in setting up, developing & leading Global Design Centers / Business Units. Adept at directing development programs in AC-DC Converters, DC-DC Converters, Embedded Controllers for high end server applications, Telecom rectifiers, Network Communication Software products for Telecom application, UPS and Variable Frequency & Variable Voltage motor drives for Industrial applications through Product Qualification, System Integration and Testing.

Worked for Schneider Electric, BELL Labs, GE, Delta Power, ACME, Cold Watt, Bull Power & HICAL Magnetics

Milind Dighrasker

M.Tech IIT Kanpur in Power & Control

Extensive experience in Power Electronics system design and development. Proven expertise in the area of UPS, Lighting Electronics, Magnetic Design & Digital Control. Strong technical leader with focus on innovation and customers. Proven expertise in identifying and fixing the quality issues in the products.

Contributed 8 US  for patents in the area of Power Converter and Energy storage technology