Certification in basics of power electronics

Duration :35 hours
Begin Date :October, 2018
Timing(Hours per week) :16:00
Pricing : 7000

Program Features:

  • A pragmatic 360 degree training program.
  • Hands-on training based on real time case studies.
  • Industry veterans conduct the interactive training.
  • Close interactions between trainers and participants.

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Course Content

Module 1: Basic Power Converter Topologies
This Module will provide a good knowledge of basic power converter topologies used and it’s application

Module 2: Magnetic Design
This Module will systemically introduce magnetic design concept to trainees. This include, concepts, formulas, design principles of different types of transformers and inductors, energy storage, air gap, design flow, transformer equation, etc.

Module 3: Operation Amplifiers
This is special custom module to introduce the OPAMP. The module will focus on basics, non-idealities, different circuits and equation.

Module 4: PWM Controllers
The module will introduce trainees to commonly used PWM controllers. The internal functionality of any one widely used IC will be elaborated using internal functional block-diagram provided in datasheet.

Module 5: EMI / EMC Considerations
Best practices, considerations for reduction in EMI/EMC, troubleshooting of the design for high EMI, Total harmonic distortion, practices that to be followed for reduction of harmonics, difference and significance of current and voltage harmonics, use of Fourier transform, etc.

Module 6: Control System
Basics of Control Theory. Elaborate control loops stability analysis using Bode plot. Demonstrate the loop design using simulation.

Module 7: Power Semiconductor Design/Selection
Power budgeting, MOSFET & IGBT Drivers, Device Characteristics, Reading the Datasheet, thermal considerations, power dissipation, efficiency calculation and optimization, etc

Case Study: Fly-back Converter or Any other converter
This case study will systematically approach the design of fly-back converter using tools & techniques taught in the previous module.


Power & Control Experts

Dr R Ghosh

PhD: IISC Bangalore, M.Tech IIT Kanpur,BE Jadhavpur University

Contributed to 15 US patents in the area of Power Conversion
Digital Control specialist with 20 years of experience. Strong research experience in the area of High Frequency switching, resonance converters.
Worked for Schneider Electric & GE

Power & Control Experts

Milind Dighrasker

M.Tech IIT Kanpur in Power & Control

Extensive experience in Power Electronics system design and development. Proven expertise in the area of UPS, Lighting Electronics, Magnetic Design & Digital Control. Strong technical leader with focus on innovation and customers. Proven expertise in identifying and fixing the quality issues in the products.

Contributed 8 US for patents in the area of Power Converter and Energy storage technology